Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looking for a Fair and Balanced look at the Census Controversy?

During the Census count, the CQ Researcher produced an issue on the Census that includes the ACS:

From the Introduction to the report, Census Controversy:

Now under way, the 2010 census has sparked bitter partisanship. Some conservative Republicans, for example, have criticized the census as an unconstitutional intrusion on privacy; others warn that census participation is important for maintaining GOP power, since the count is used to apportion congressional seats and allocate federal money to cities and states. Liberal Democrats have been more supportive of census procedures, which for the first time will count same-sex couples. To raise response rates, the Census Bureau sent every household the same brief 10-question form and dropped use of the “long form” — a lengthy questionnaire seeking data on housing, transportation, education and income. The long form has been replaced by a separate, ongoing monthly survey that will provide timelier data, but from a smaller sample of households. Researchers generally hail the change but say it will cause some problems, at least initially.

Read the report (subscription or purchase required...ask a librarian). Read the CQ Researcher blog.

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