Monday, December 13, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions, Questions Only

1. In 2000 there was a decennial census long form with many questions on the social and economic characteristics of the population. I have heard that it no longer exists. What happened to the long form and what source is available to me now for these data?

A. The long form has been replaced by the American Community Survey (ACS). Click to see the rest of the answer at Frequent Asked Questions.

2. Does the American Community Survey (ACS) replace the decennial census? See answer in FAQ's

3. What kinds of data will be released from the 2010 Decennial Census and how do they differ from the data released from the ACS? See answer in FAQ's

4. If the same data appear in the 2010 Decennial Census and in the ACS, which should I use?

5. Can I compare ACS data with data from the Census 2000 for my area? See answers in FAQ's

6. What is a “multi-year period estimate” and how does it differ from numbers I got from the long form in 2000?

7. Sometimes geographic areas change their boundaries. What boundaries are used in the ACS when the data are for multi-year periods? See answers in FAQ's

8. I am interested in the census tract and block group data. I know that the Census Bureau sometimes changes the boundaries of these areas. How does this affect the 2005–2009 estimates for census tracts and block groups from the ACS?

9. What does MOE stand for? See answers in FAQ's

10. How do I know if data are reliable?

11. My town has 42,000 residents. I have numbers for a three-year period (2007–2009) and for a five-year period (2005–2009) available. Which should I use? See answers in FAQ's
12. Are data for census tracts and block groups available on American FactFinder (AFF)?

13. I have heard that the Census Bureau suppresses tables in an effort to minimize the release of unreliable estimates. How does this affect the release of the five-year estimates for census tracts and block groups from the ACS? See answers in FAQ's

14. Can the numbers from the 2005–2009 ACS be seen as representing the midpoint of that period – 2007?

15. What are the Public Use Microdata Samples (PUMS) and when should they be used? See answers in FAQ's

16. What is the PUMA Summary Level and why is it important?

17. Where can I find out more about the ACS and changes in the Census in 2010? See answers in FAQ's