Friday, December 10, 2010

Housing Items on the American Community Survey 2005–2011

Housing items from Subjects on the American Community Survey 2005-2011

Note: items did not appear in this order on survey, but are numbered here for easy reference

54. Tenure–owned or rented

55. Type of property (mobile home, single-family home, apartment, boat, RV, van, etc)

56. Value

57. Monthly rent

58. Does the rent include any meals?

59. Number of rooms

60. Condominium status

61. Year household head moved into unit

62. Year structure built

63. Bathing facilities

64. Toilet facilities

65. Hot and/or cold running water

66. Sink with a faucet

67. Kitchen facilities (stove or range)

68. Kitchen facilities (refrigerator)

69. Telephone service, including cell phones

70. Number of acres

71. Sales of agricultural products in past 12 months

72. Business or medical office on property

73. Fuel used most for heating

74. Electricity costs

75. Gas costs

76. Water costs

77. Oil, coal, kerosene, and/or wood costs

78. Food stamp receipt in past 12 months

79. Mortgage payment (and whether includes taxes and insurance)

80. Homeowners insurance

81. Real estate taxes

82. Whether have second mortgage

83. Payment for second mortgage(s)/home equity loans

84. For mobile homes, total annual cost for taxes, site rent, registration fees, and license fees

85. Condominium fee

86. Number of bedrooms

87. Automobiles, vans, and trucks

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